Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm Back! With October Favorites :)

Wow I cannot believe it's been almost 3 months since my last post. School has not allowed time for me to do anything. When I'm not doing homework or working, all I want to do is sleep. I haven't even had time to finish reading my Pretty Little Liars books :(

Okay so I personally have never done a favorites, but I love watching them on YouTube for some reason. They're like one of my favorite types of videos to watch and I don't know why. So now I feel its necessary to tell you about mine.. after I ramble some more of course.

Since I've been at school, I'm literally a lazy bum. Although I am taking 18 credit hours (6 classes), which is the max, and I'm working between 10-15 hours a week, I still consider myself a bum. I'm late for class almost every day because I sleep until the very last minute. With that being said, I don't have time to do my makeup. Sometimes I don't even care and still put on makeup, but usually I am just not feelin' it.

Even though I only wear makeup about 4 times during the week, I still insist on buying it like crazy. I even turned my desk into a vanity. OKAY. Enough with the rambling, on with the favorites.

My first absolute holy grail product is Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Combination/Oily skin. This is the BEST foundation I've gotten my hands on. I can't get enough of it. It is the first and only foundation out of the million that I've tried that leaves my skin matte all day. I mean ALL DAY. My only complaint about the product is that it is extremely runny.. it's literally like water. But I still love it. It's super light, yet incredibly buildable. You can easily build it to full coverage. I usually stipple it on because I found that works best for me. I tried using a sponge, like the BeautyBlender, from Sephora but it just only seemed to soak up the product and I found myself using almost twice as much as I would with my stippling brush. It's relatively inexpensive for the quality that it is. I buy it at Wal-Mart where it is $9.98. Usually drugstores have Revlon products BOGO50, but the product itself is more expensive.. somewhere around $12.99. So if you take the deal at a drugstore or if you buy it at Wal-Mart you'll be paying the same amount.

My next favorite product is Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer. Let me just say, this is a miracle. I've never had a problem with dry skin, but a couple weeks ago my skin got so dry, like painful dry. My under-eye area felt like it was ripping and it looked that way too. It was brutal. The rest of my face was a desert too. This cured it all. It's thick and creamy and wonderful. To be honest, you don't even need a full pump of this stuff. I usually use a half of a pump and that's plenty. It's fairly inexpensive. I think the sign at Wal-Mart said $2.97, but I honestly don't know how much I paid for it. Whatever I paid, it was more than worth it.

When I do put on a full application of makeup, I have reached for nothing but Wet N Wild's Knock on Wood trio. I only use the brown though. I usually use a tapered brush, but that is literally the only shadow I pick up.

IN LOVE with NYC Cheek 2 Cheek duo blusher in Sienna Sun. It's usually a hit or miss when shopping for cosmetics at the Dollar Tree, but I was definitely winning with this one. The blush is the PERFECT shade for me and it doesn't take much product at all. It can also be used as a contour shade. It's just a beautiful red, brown color that really compliments my skin tone. The highlighter. Oh! The highlighter! It might be the most beautiful highlighter I've ever seen. It's a pinkish, goldish, slightly reddish color. Basically, I can't rave about it any more than I already did. Now, I have no idea if you can buy this in stores still (which I'm hoping you can), but if not, you can order it online. Usually if the Dollar Tree is selling it, it's more than likely not in stores. Hopefully I get my hands on another one soon.

I love trying new mascaras. I have long, curly lashes and I love anything that will make them look better. I always fall back into the trap of LashBlast but I needed to venture out.  L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes in the blackest black. I love it! It really makes my lashes look fake. It's one of the rubbery brushes and it's kind of flimsy. It took me a couple times to get used to how to apply it, but that's all mascaras. The formula itself is really nice though. It's not too dry and it's not too wet, it's right in the middle. I usually do two coats of mascara because I need it, but I really only need one coat of this. It's fabulous. I paid $7 at Wal-Mart.

Non-makeup, but still beauty related. I've been trying to use the least amount of heat and products on my hair and I've been in love with Pantene Relaxed & Natural Daily Oil Cream Moisturizer. It smells great and it works. What more could I ask for. I'm too lazy to use a million products on my hair after I wash it and all I use is this and I'm set. It makes my hair so soft and moisturized without being greasy. I can't remember how much I paid.. less than $6.

Lengthy, but I haven't been here in almost 3 months! It's so crazy. I've totally missed blogging though. I bought a lot of new things and I'll more than likely do a first impression of my new things or just a haul. I wish I could write a paper as easily as I wrote this blog.

xoxo Olysse

P.S. I'll add pictures later :)

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